Veteran Owned and Operated

Experience and Innovation

We are Experts
Metaplexus is at the forefront of educational change, wealth building education, and personal growth. You benefit by leveraging the leaders who have been in the trenches of business and in positions of leadership for decades.
Cumulative Entrepreneurial Experience
With 70+ years of cumulative entrepreneurial experience within our organization, you don’t have to build from scratch. Innovation and automation are staples in Metaplexus and you get to take advantage of all of it - just follow the simple systems we provide.
We are Pragmatic
The world is changing and we are rapidly adapting to those changes. Utilizing digital platforms, we focus on helping you create new opportunities for yourself and your family while building the mindset and skill sets necessary to operate independently.

Our Team

Metaplexus Founder, Owner & CVO
Metaplexus Co-founder & eWealth COO
eWealth Master Sales Coach
Metaplexus CEO

You Are the Core

  • Innovation, self-reliance, knowledge implementation, mindset development, and accountability are all integral to Metaplexus, but the most vital is YOU, the individual. 
  • Here at Metaplexus, you are our focus. We recognize if we help build you, you will create a better life and world for generations to come. 
  • But it doesn’t stop with you. Service to others isn’t a mere slogan but a true desire of the Metaplexus leadership. As you see and gain success, it becomes our duty to share this opportunity with others.

Life With Metaplexus

Here at Metaplexus, we like to have fun so if you like to laugh and enjoy a lighthearted and family like environment – stop hesitating and join the family.

Work with exceptional leaders and like-minded people just like you. Your talents will be valued and your achievements will be recognized. 

We want to meet you in person and edify you in front of others. Live events will be plenty here in Metaplexus and we want to see you there.