Our Blue Diamond Sam who is an Active Duty Army Officer, was living paycheck to paycheck and had an empty bank account less than a year ago.

She felt incredibly discouraged and embarrassed by her financial situation and knew she needed to take a risk to achieve the freedom she wanted.

At the time she was living paycheck to paycheck with a 6 figure income, But living in California came with a 6 figure cost, as she was having to pick and choose exactly what bills to pay.

in January 2022 she ended up stumbling upon a financial education resource and from there, everything changed……

With the information and tools provided, She was able to start her own business and diversify her income streams.

And in just six months, she went to having multiple streams of income.

For Sam, the journey was difficult, but she learned that if she wanted different results, she had to do something different and make her money work for her.

If Sam were to say one thing that changed her life, it’s the fact she took the time to seek out education and explore new opportunities, the fact she isn’t afraid of change and looks to constantly pursue her dreams is what has led her to this level of success!

It’s important to note that individual results may vary and there is no guarantee of income and to do your own research and make informed decisions when it comes to finances.

Great work Sam, we are incredibly proud of you!

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