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META System

Enter the Dojo

Let it all go to free your mind

Self-Mastery will allow you to rewrite your code to break through limits you never thought were possible.

360° Self-Mastery is the path to realize your True Nature

The 4 Stages of Consciousness




True Nature

Course Curriculum

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Human Performance

we cover a range of topics to help you increase your overall performance. Here we focus on improving your mindset, fitness and nutrition to build a strong foundation.

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Business Growth

We show you how to develop high paying skills, business planning and marketing strategies. You will understand what real self-sustainability when you are capable of generating the income level you desire at will.

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Leadership Development

Real change comes from developing yourself first, and impact comes from learning how to work with others as a leader. We cover core leadership principles and team building strategies.

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Spiritual Practices

Learn how to tap into higher levels of consciousness and dive deep into your own psyche to heal, grow and realize your True Nature. 



META System Guides

A collection of all guides: fitness & nutrition, business planning, business systems, leadership.


Mentorship with our Team

Learn directly from people who have done the ‘thing’ and are still doing it today.


Digital Community

An exclusive community to connect with others who are the path like you.


Member-Only Events

Meet the team and other people in the community at live in-person events.


Workout Routines

Get pro-athlete level routine support. Flexible from beginner to high-level athletics workout.


Nutrition Planning

Get expert guidance to improve your nutrition planning every step of the way.


Business Mentorship

Leverage proven business systems to grow your business and get guidance along the way.


Spiritual Practice Guidance

We are humans living a spiritual experience, continued guidance will keep you on track.

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META System is for me?

This is for you if...

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What members are saying

I’ve never had an interaction with Adam Rodriguez where I didn’t walk away with a better sense of health, business, or self-care... He has had a profound impact on my life. Highly recommend.
Adam Elkady
Adam Elkady
Owner, FITHH
One of Adam's most remarkable qualities is his unparalleled ability to foresee a person's superpower and future developments... It is and has been an honor to work with such an outstanding leader and visionary mind.
Jordan fisher
Jordan Fisher
Owner, J. Fisher Marketing
I really appreciate Adam’s approach to mentoring me. His patience calms my impatience. That allows me to get centered and move accordingly without having to worry about being perfect. Thanks Adam.
Rick diaz
Rick Diaz
Owner, Blueprint Advocate
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