The Metaplexus event held in Texas was an incredible experience for everyone involved, especially me as the Media Development Coordinator. My role was to capture the event and meet with Affiliates, coworkers, and help prep some of the logistics for the event. However, it was so much more than that. It was about bringing people together, sharing knowledge, and empowering one another.

Malcolm Ward; Media Development Coordinator. Alberto Herrera Chief Content Creator

Preparing for the event was not without its challenges. It was the first event for our company, and I was nervous. However, we overcame any obstacles by coming up with communication cycles, having foresight, critical thinking skills, and working together as a team. Seeing everyone come together as a staff was incredibly special, and all the great speakers who shared their knowledge with us left a lasting impact.

The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelming, with over half of them expressing an interest in becoming affiliates. They all learned a lot, were impressed with the event and thought that everybody was great.

The impact the event had on the community aligned perfectly with Metaplexus’s goals. We are all about community, people, and education in the entrepreneurship world. Everyone who attended walked away empowered, having met like-minded individuals who shared their passion for personal and professional growth.

The Metaplexus family

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, you can reach out to one of our members, or learn more about our community by joining the Metaplexus Training Group FB group known as MTG. Our next event promises to be an incredible time, filled with actionable skills that are available immediately. It’s an opportunity to develop your business acumen and network with like-minded individuals.

Being the Media Development Coordinator for this event contributed greatly to my personal and professional growth. It made me sharper, more assertive, and more ready to speak up and step up. If you’re interested in learning more about my role with Metaplexus or collaborating on future projects, reach out to me via the MTG FB group or send me a message.

My message to all the readers out there is simple: as long as you have the will to do better, the resources are available. If you’re looking to improve yourself or your business skills, Metaplexus has everything you need. Walk away knowing that Metaplexus is the thing that you didn’t know you needed, but will change your life for the better.

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