Meet Taylor, a seasoned realtor with 11 years of experience in the industry.

Taylor has had a rollercoaster of a career!

For the majority of her life, her career has been in real estate, and she has had incredible success in her niche!

But even with that incredible success, she has always been on the lookout for new opportunities to continue expanding her income, As all successful people do.

And one day not so long ago, a fellow realtor introduced her to the business opportunity we have here at Metaplexus and she was intrigued.

After thinking about her options for a few weeks, Taylor eventually took the leap around 6 months ago and invested in becoming an affiliate with us here at the company……

It is often said in business that if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room!

And as Taylor came into the company, she opted to join the life-changing business & mindset calls we host with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

After consistently joining these calls we have for our affiliates on a daily basis, she felt like she was finally in the right room!

The culture and education provided by the company exceeded her expectations as she learned how to take the principles we teach, and apply them to her own life….

Our experts taught her vital entrepreneurial skills and techniques that opened doors for her in unexpected ways……

And since joining us at Metaplexus, Taylor has since gone on to start her own real estate brokerage, built a new home, and even made her first sale as an affiliate.

Taylor’s journey with us has been nothing short of amazing, and she stands as a testament to the benefits of taking calculated risks and embracing opportunities that seem too good to be true in the moment.

She encourages anyone considering Metaplexus not to wait, because, in the next five years, they could still be in the same place.

Great work Taylor!!!!

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