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Lifestyle systems for health, wealth and spirituality

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The 3 Core Pillars

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Metaplexus is your central hub for 360° Self-Mastery

A practical approach to living a life of freedom
creative entrepreneur
Self-Mastery is not for the faint of heart, this is why we've designed practical systems to achieve it.
The Roundtable
Self-discipline is at the center of it all. Self-discipline will set you free.
Self-mastery fitness and nutrition
You have strengths other's may not have, and others have strengths you may not have. We are a conscious community focused on a shared purpose.
mind, body, business and spirituality
This shared purpose is simple: improve the world we live in by improving the world within our self. Change begins with you first, there is no other way.
the inner work
We focus on 3 major areas within to realize true Self-Mastery: Health, Wealth and Spirituality.
self-mastery leadership
Balancing these areas will impact your life in a positive way and every person around you.

Discover the 8 Steps to Build a Profitable & Sustainable Business

Tested systems, practical methods, and a supportive community.

Virtu Academy

An e-learning platform designed around the 3 Core Pillars where you can learn at your own pace.



Led by our team to guide your integration of the 3 Core Pillars to achieve high-levels of human performance.


The Roundtable

A 12-month program designed to take you down the path of 360° Self-Mastery in an intimate community.

What members are saying

I’ve never had an interaction with Adam Rodriguez where I didn’t walk away with a better sense of health, business, or self-care... He has had a profound impact on my life. Highly recommend.
Adam Elkady
Adam Elkady
Owner, FITHH
One of Adam's most remarkable qualities is his unparalleled ability to foresee a person's superpower and future developments... It is and has been an honor to work with such an outstanding leader and visionary mind.
Jordan fisher
Jordan Fisher
Owner, J. Fisher Marketing
I really appreciate Adam’s approach to mentoring me. His patience calms my impatience. That allows me to get centered and move accordingly without having to worry about being perfect. Thanks Adam.
Rick diaz
Rick Diaz
Owner, Blueprint Advocate
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