Mining Our Business 💎

Are you looking for ways to supplement your full-time job and make some extra money?  Well, look no further! Metaplexus is launching a new program, Operation Diamond Rush, to find our next superstar affiliate.  Irena is a great example of what’s possible with hard work and dedication. Eight months ago, she was looking for a […]

The Metasummit From Behind The Lens

The Metaplexus event held in Texas was an incredible experience for everyone involved, especially me as the Media Development Coordinator. My role was to capture the event and meet with Affiliates, coworkers, and help prep some of the logistics for the event. However, it was so much more than that. It was about bringing people […]

From Combat Injury to Business Success

How Metaplexus is Changing Lives Envision yourself not only surviving but prospering after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the line of duty. That’s what Adam Rodriguez, a United States Marine Corps veteran who founded the company Metaplexus in February 2021, did. Now a thriving startup, Metaplexus helps veterans and others in similar situations improve […]